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Diamond Head - Where Do We Go from Here?
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Mary George Discusses Ethics (Mary George)
How Could We Manage Without Them?
Schools in Hawaii - A Preliminary Report
What a Morning! (Beverly Carter)
Feed-Back (Ann Hansen)
50th Anniversary of the LWV
We Look to Congress in November
Time for Action

How Could We Manage Without Them?

By "them" of course we mean our invaluable League publications. Meticulously researched, excellently written and illustrated, attractively printed, publications are the major and indispensable means of communication within the League. To make it easier for members to obtain publications and receive them in advance of the time when the subject is to be discussed at units, the Honolulu League provides a subscription service to all members. For a fee of $2.50, which is included in your annual dues of $10.00, you automatically receive publications recommended by Study Committee Chairmen and approved by the Board which will be of general member interest and which are related to program development. This service also offers the inactive member a means of receiving League publications.

Naturally, not all publications can be ordered due to the limitation of funds, nor would they all be of interest to everyone.

Another service available to all League members is the Duplicate President's Mailing ($10.00 a year). Several members subscribe to this for their own personal knowledge and pleasure, however, it is primarily used by State and Local Presidents, Study Committee chairmen, and other Board members.

Any member may order publications by writing to:

League of Women Voters of the United States (note new address)
1730 M Street, N,W,
Washington, D. C. 20036

Individual orders must be prepaid. Also state your League member price.

Copies of new publications are kept at the League Office: 1802 Keeeumoku, Honolulu for your inspection. Please drop by any weekday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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