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What a Morning!

Although money for low and moderate income housing has been provided through federal programs, the efforts of the Hawaii Council for Housing Action have been met with frustrations. Speaking before a large audience of League members and guests, D. Richard Neill, Executive Secretary of the Council, used slides to show current and planned projects. All of these have been stalled by problems of changing governmental guidelines, obtaining adequate financing, and changing zoning at the county and state levels. Many problems stem from lack of coordination between government agencies at all levels.

In answer to some questions posed by the League, Mr. Neill stated that European countries, especially those in Scandinavia, are ahead in the government-sponsored housing field because the countries stress planning and good design rather than cost-cutting. There is little state-owned land on Oahu that could be developed for housing. New ideas in pre-fabricated housing and construction techniques will help to reduce some of the cost of housing.

The League thanks Mr. Neill for presenting a very stimulating discussion of the housing problem on Oahu and especially for his candor in outlining problems that he and the Council have faced in promoting housing for low and moderate income families.

Beverly Carter

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