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1969-70 League Calendar
Luncheon Cancelled (Lila Grossman & Marion Saunders)
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Two Conferences Scheduled
Honolulu 50th Anniversary Community Campaign (Mrs. William W. BNailey)
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Know Your City and County
Development Aid Reevaluation
LWV of Honolulu - Board of Directors, 1969-1970
LWV-Hawaii - Board Members, 1969-1970

1969-70 League Calendar


Units 1st & 3rd weeks due to Thanksgiving in 4th week

Unit meeting week of 4th - subject: Electoral College Review & National program ideas Units week of 18th: Electoral College Consensus

Board meeting 25th


General meeting 2nd week - subject: State support positions on Election Law revision (campaign practices and financing, vote for 18-year-olds) Board meeting 16th

Appoint budget committee by. Jan. 1st. budget prepared by March 1st for Board approval & submitted to members one month before Annual Meeting Interview Congressmen and/or Legislators


Units week of 12th: Trade and Aid resource

Units week of 26th: Trade and Aid consensus

Board meeting 30th

Nominating committee meets - report one month before annual meeting


Units week of 10th: Know Your County and local program discussion

General meeting week of 24th on the new School Study item, possibly an evening meeting?

Board meeting 17th: proposed local program submitted to members two months before Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting budget, nominating committee report


Units 10th: Know Your County,

Board meeting 17th: work on Annual Meeting (Annual Reports due) Easter vacation week of 23rd


Annual Meeting 2nd week, April 7th

By-Laws: An Annual Meeting shall be held between March 1 and April 30, the exact date to be doter mined by Board of Directors.

New Board and holdovers to meet as soon as possible after Annual Meeting

May bulletin with Annual Meeting report 29th or 30th

Units week of 21st: subject open


Units week of 12th: Schools

Units week of 26th: Environment


Not scheduled - but available if needed

School vacation - June 9th!!!!

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