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A Busy Month Ahead

November will see Honolulu Leaguers engaged in reading, discussing and pondering two important items on the League agenda.

The first of these is the preparation for and then the actual taking of consensus on the matter of the Electoral. College. Enclosed in this issue of the Aloha Voter is a Facts and Issues on this topic to assist members in decision making. All 157,000 League members in 1,250 local units will be debating the consensus questions below. All the reports are due at the National office November 30. Honolulu's response will be there; what will it be?

Electoral College Consensus Questions
2nd round of Units in November

  1. Is a change needed in the method of electing the President and Vice President of the United States? Yes No

  2. If a change is made in the method of election, does your League prefer that the Pr's dent be chosen by

    Direct election by popular vote OR

    by an election process that includes a state-related step

  3. If the method of election is changed, what provisions would your League prefer for

    1. the vote necessary to elect?

    2. contingent elections?

    3. retaining the office of elector?

    4. roe 'erg in the Constitution that electors vote for the candidate on whose slat? they were elected?

    5. distributing the electoral votes among the various candidates?

  4. If provisions for electing the President and Vice President are to be altered, what changes in the method of election does your League consider most necessary?

The second item for consideration during November will be suggestions from local Leagues for future National Program.

At the May 1970 National League Convention in Washington, D. C., delegates will adopt the entire National program for the next two years. Prior to the convention members in local Leagues throughout the country, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands will review the program items, discuss the relevance of past positions, drop, keep or add new items.

What national issues do you think the League should tackle at the onset of the seventies?

Consideration of the following questions may help members select National Program proposals,

  1. Does the proposal come within the Principles of the League of Women Voters?

  2. Is this a problem which can be met at the National government level?

  3. Will it lend itself to citizen action?

  4. Are we anticipating the problem far enough in advance to be effective in its solution?

  5. Are we duplicating the efforts of other organizations?

  6. In light of program commitments, local, state, and national, do we have the woman-power, experience and resources to carry out the proposal?

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