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Development Aid Reevaluation

(January Units)


Balance of Payments - a statement which indicates a country's total receipts and payments during a given period of time for all its international transactions, both governmental and private.

Bilateral Aid - aid made directly from one donor country to one developing country.

Development Loans - long-term, low-interest loans repayable in U.S. dollars, used to promote economic and special development. Fade in connection with a broad range of specific self-help measures. There are various types of development..._ loans.

Grants - a type of aid which does not require repayment - provided for military supplies, scholarships, technical assistance, etc.

GNP - total value of current market prices of all final goods and services produced by a nation's economy in a given period.

Military Assistance - grants for equipment, related services and training to nations considered essential to U.S. defense.

Multilateral Aid - development aid either provided. or coordinated by an international or regional body.

Tariff Preferences - setting tariffs on products imported from developing countries at a lower rate than those of developed countries.

Technical ,Assistance - grants provided for training, research, construction of educational institutions.

Tied Aid - loans and grants provided with the. stipulation that products purchased with the loan by the recipient be purchased from the donor country.

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Development Aid: Images and Realities. April 1969

The ABC's of International Development. June 1969

Study the pamphlet:

Foreign Aid at the Crossroads

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