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Know Your City and County

The committee is taking a two-fold approach to the Know Your City and County study

  1. To study the total City and County community, which includes state government-performed functions, county government-performed functions, civic groups' contributions, a detailed study of the division of powers, and a brush-up on basic government.

  2. To publish a booklet about the City and County of Honolulu. It is about this publication that we look for suggestions from the membership. What does the League want to accomplish with the booklet?---to explain how to be a good citizen? as a public relations effort to the community? as a school book? as the authoritative tome on the subject?

As a start on that brush-up government course, the committee has compiled a list of PRINCIPLES OF GOOD GOVERNMENT that have evolved in democracy. Note that they sometimes conflict and have to be modified in terms of each other.

A. Public power is retained

  1. popular elections of officials

  2. right of petition

  3. right of recall of officials

  4. right of referendum on issues

  5. opportunities to be heard - public hearings, letters

  6. public right to know

B. Government is responsive to the will of the people

C. Separation of powers - legislative, administrative, judicial

D. Checks and balances temper the fact that complete separation of powers is not feasible.

E. Efficient, which is contrary to the principle of separation of powers

F. Meets the needs of the community - i.e. effective

G. Financially sound

H. Officials have no conflict of interest while they serve the public

I. Government is democratic, representative - majority rules; the minority is represented.

J. Right of redress - Zoning Board of Appeals, Tax Appeals Board; courts system K. Minority rights are protected

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