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1969-70 League Calendar
Luncheon Cancelled (Lila Grossman & Marion Saunders)
Go-See Tour
Two Conferences Scheduled
Honolulu 50th Anniversary Community Campaign (Mrs. William W. BNailey)
New Roster Information
Know Your City and County
Development Aid Reevaluation
LWV of Honolulu - Board of Directors, 1969-1970
LWV-Hawaii - Board Members, 1969-1970

League of Women Voters of Hawaii
Board Members, 1969-1970

President Ruth Snyder (Keith) 6249 Milolii Pl., Honolulu 96821 373-6178

Vice-President, School Study Fran Mcleod (Scott) 651 Ikemaka Pl., Kailua 96734 261-6139

Secretary-Treasurer Shirley West (Harold) 211 Kaiulani, Hilo, 96720

Director: Organization and Membership Marie Gilson (Thomas) 4140-A Black Point Rd., Honolulu 96815 737-5932

Director: Environmental Study; Water Pat Shutt (Kenneth) Box 1124, Kaneohe, 96744 239-8229

Director: Legislative, Chairman; Ethics Alice Scott (Arlen) 536-1204 999 Wilder Ave., Apt. 1304, Honolulu 96822

Director: Hawaii Voter Needed Immediately:

Off-Board Chairmen

50th Anniversary Marian Saunders (Allan) 998-2635 3596 Woodlawn Dr., Honolulu 96822

Election Laws: Girl Scout Citizenship Nan Lowers (James) 373-4860 307 Halemaumau St., Honolulu 96821

Campaign Practices and Finance Sue Cowing (Cedric) 373-1291 19 Niuiki Circle, Honolulu 96821

Electoral College and Representative Government; Tax Rates and Treaty Making Will Someone volunteer???

Development of Human Resources Will someone volunteer???

Foreign Policy Will someone volunteer???

Trade and Aid Will Someone volunteer:.?

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