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1969-70 League Calendar
Luncheon Cancelled (Lila Grossman & Marion Saunders)
Go-See Tour
Two Conferences Scheduled
Honolulu 50th Anniversary Community Campaign (Mrs. William W. BNailey)
New Roster Information
Know Your City and County
Development Aid Reevaluation
LWV of Honolulu - Board of Directors, 1969-1970
LWV-Hawaii - Board Members, 1969-1970

New Roster Information

The new ROSTER OF MEMBERS will be printed during November and distributed as soon as it is completed. PLEASE NOTIFY Membership Chairman Nancy Grimm at 395-1843 of ANY CHANGES IN PHONE NUMBERS, ADDRESSES OR OTHER INFORMATION. If your 1969-70 dues are delinquent, there still is time to send $10 to Treasurer, Vera Stern, 558 Paakiki P1., Kailua 96734. Your name will then be on the roster and you will be reinstated on publications mailing.


BERGHOEFER, Kiss Clara 1434 Punahou St.(Arcadia), Honolulu 941-6764 96822

BOWERS, Grace K. (Thomas L.) 131 Hawaii Loa Dr., Honolulu 96821

BUSH, Mrs. Elizabeth 3341 Kaohinani Dr., Honolulu 96817

FIELDING, Mrs. Irma L. 1434 Punahou St. (Arcadia) Honolulu 955-1649 96822

GRODE, Betty (Raymond C.) 427 No. Kainalu Dr., Kailua, 96734 262-4424

HUMPHREY, Adrienne (Thomas) 366 Poipu Dr., Honolulu 96821 395-3304

LA MORTE, Judith (James) 233 Kalalau St., Honolulu 96821 395-2951

MARTIN, Susan (John 11,) 75 Pipers Pali, Honolulu 96822 946-8203

MATTHEWS, Fanchon (L.C.) 136 Kalalau St., Honolulu 96821 395-2405

PRAHLER, Mimi (Robert H.) 72 Makaweli St., Honolulu 968n (Temp.) 395-2766

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