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In Our Nation's Capitol
"Taxation without Representation"

A goal of the League of Women Voters, almost as old as the League itself, has been Congressional representation for the citizens of Washington D.C. In 1961 D.C. residents were given the right to vote for President and Vice-President of the United States; since 1968 they have been allowed to elect their own school board members. However, although all laws governing the District are enacted by Congress and implemented by the City Council, District citizens have no representative in Congress and do not elect their own city councilmen.

What more appropriate time for renewed efforts to focus national attention on the plight of the still disenfranchised citizens of the Nation's Capital than the 50th anniversary of the League and the 50th anniversary of women's suffrage? Therefore, using the theme, "Taxation Without Representation", League members throughout the United States will be asked in April to mount a two-day campaign to secure signatures on petitions asking for Congressional representation for D.C. residents.

It is envisioned that, with a minimum of 10 signatures per member, at least 1,500,000 names can be tallied, to be presented to members of Congress during the 1970 National Convention, which is to be held in Washington, D.C. Such a newsworthy accomplishment would create greater public awareness of the disenfranchisement of District citizens and the League's commitment to its goal, could influence some members of Congress, and help in the eventual necessary ratification by states of the required Constitutional amendment.

We in Hawaii have particular reason to relate this situation to our own territorial experience. It is to be hoped that our members will support wholeheartedly this nationwide undertaking of the League. You will be hearing more of our plans and receive more detailed information in the VOTER between now and April.

Jacque Streeter
Chairman Representative Government

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