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January 1970

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January Calendar
January Units - Review and Consensus - Trade / Development Aid
From the President (Lila Grossman)
In Our Nation's Capitol - "Taxation without Representation" (Jacque Streeter)
Publication Bonus
Air and Water Pollution Conference (Ann Hansen)
Go-See Tours - City Council (Pattye Layfield)
Workshop 70 -- How to Effectuate Legislation (Alice Scott)
General Meeting (Nan Lowers)
Committe Meeting Scheduled
Open Forum on Legislative Issues

January Calendar

1st Round of. Units

Tues., Jan. 13 Honolulu Morning Unit 9:15 coffee, 9:30 discussion Home of Elaine Vik (Mrs. Robert) 1521 Ipukula (Waialae Iki) ph. 373-2227
Honolulu Evening Unit 7:30 meeting McCully-Moiliili Library 2211 S. King St; for information call: Ann Davidson 734-1425

Wed. Jan. 14 Kam Unit 9:15 coffee, 9:30 meeting Korean Christian Church 1832 Liliha. for information call: Ann Hansen 453-3974

Thurs., Jan. 15 Windward Morning Unit 9:15 coffee, 9:30 meeting Christ Presbyterian Church 1300 Kailua Road for information call: Marian Wilkins 261-0549
Windward Evening Unit 7:30 meeting Emmanuel Episcopal Church annex 780 Keolu Dr.(Enchanted Lakes) for information call: Jane Ball 261-2576

2nd Round of Units

Tues., Jan. 27 Honolulu Morning Unit 9:15 coffee, 9:30 meeting Home of Marie Gilson (Mrs. T.) 4140 A Black Point Rd. ph. 737-5932
Honolulu Evening Unit Same

Wed., Jan. 28 Kam Unit Same

Thurs., Jan. 29 Windward Morning Unit Same
Windward Evening Unit Same

Friday, Jan. 30 Board Meeting 9:30, A.A.U.W. Clubhouse

ROSTER CORRECTION: Ann Hansen (Howard) Telephone 455-3974.

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