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January Calendar
January Units - Review and Consensus - Trade / Development Aid
From the President (Lila Grossman)
In Our Nation's Capitol - "Taxation without Representation" (Jacque Streeter)
Publication Bonus
Air and Water Pollution Conference (Ann Hansen)
Go-See Tours - City Council (Pattye Layfield)
Workshop 70 -- How to Effectuate Legislation (Alice Scott)
General Meeting (Nan Lowers)
Committe Meeting Scheduled
Open Forum on Legislative Issues

A Publication Bonus

You'll find a surprise package in this issue of the Voter: Report from the Hill. While this information will not be used as resource material, at a Unit meeting, Board members who read this publication felt the. information would be of such vital interest to all Leaguers that we ordered it sent to every member.

This publication is part of the League Action Service---a service you may not be familiar with. Any member may subscribe through her Publications Chairman. It costs $3,00 for each Congressional session, and includes Times for Action and Report from the Hill. Subscribers are kept informed when it is time to act on pending legislation of importance to the League and gives background material and status of the legislation. It is an invaluable resource for writing effective letters to your congressman.

If you would like this service, contact Lucile Mundy, 261-6C59.

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