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Environmentally Speaking - The U.H. Interim Session

The University of Hawaii's first Interim Session was a great opportunity. for students, faculty and community to meet and learn. While there was something for every interest, the major emphasis was on our environment. Mainland and local speakers outlined our problems; air, water, noise pollution, economic development, planning, population control. The more people who listen and become aware, the better chance we have of correcting the situation.

The Ecology Circus, also in conjunction with the interim session, was a very graphic presentation of what life will be like if population continues to grow at the present rate. There wasn't much standing room in the box that represented the year 2030. The "sculpture," consisting of piles of junk cars, discarded T.V. sets, a rubber tree of old tires, recreated the scone you can see en all parts of Oahu and even on the rural islands. It was worth a trip to town—especially if you took your children, who will be vitally interested in the year 2030--if man is still around.

Two recent developments in the air pollution area:

Hawaiian Electric derided to invest $700,000 to convert the Waiau plant (near Pearl City) to smokeless operation. The conversion is necessary to use low-sulfur fuel oil, The company will also install smog-reducing devices on all their new vehicles. Bravo for Hawaiian Electric!

Standard Oil announced with great fanfare a new gasoline component, F-310, which will clean up your dirty old engine so the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emitted will return and stay at the standards set by the State of California. This is not a cure all --but it is a step in the right direction and for that we thank Standard Oil.

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