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Know Your City and County

Cur committee study has gathered momentum in the past few months. We have read books and articles, interviewed many local officials. Now we feel that we could share what we have learned with you. For instance, Mayor Fasi is a "strong" mayor; the city council has legislative power; the administration administers. It all looks pat, but what is the reality behind these neat lines and arrows on an organization chart?

In preparation for the February 10-12 unite, which will deal with the organization and powers of Oahu's local government, please reread the "City and County of Honolulu" brochure enclosed in the September Aloha Voter; two articles "Principles of Good Government" and "City and County vs. State? or, the Home Rule Issue" which appeared in later Voters; and the article "Public Powers" in this Voter issue.

Copies of the City Charter are circulating among unit members or may be purchased for $1.00. Of course our local newspapers are invaluable for the newest information. Guide to Government in Hawaii, Legislative Reference Bureau, and The 50 States and Their Local Governments, James W. Fesler are excellent reference books for those who want to do additional reading.

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