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[Local Program Suggestions]

The February 10-12 units will also be the time for the first round of local program suggestions. So far the committee has received the following "bright ideas" for next year:

  • a study of the role of newspapers, public hearings, government departments towards creating an informed public.

  • a study of the need for a legislative research arm for the City Council. Funds have been appropriated for this purpose, but the Mayor has refused to release them. Does the Council need this service?

  • a study of planning procedures and/or development of planning and zoning policy.

  • a study of local politics and the political process. The Charter writers opted for "political responsiveness" over "professionalism", so how does it work?

  • a continuation of the present City-County study with added emphasis on the building up of a League observer and reporter corps. At the same time the results of the present study would be written and published.

These are springboard ideas to stimulate those active imaginations of all you Leaguers. Come to the February units and bring your ideas for a new local program.

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