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The Environmental Corner

Let's hope you are in the letter writing mood this week, for there is some correspondence needing your attention.

Did you remember to write our Congressional representatives concerning the lack of progress in enforcing Federal Water Quality standards? (For instance, the State allowing the City to fill in half of the West Loch of Pearl Harbor with garbage---or that all our inland streams are unsafe for any kind of water activity.) Dig out your last State Voter to refresh your memory and send those letters off today to Senators Fong and Inouye, Representatives Mink and Matsunaga. Please share any responses you get with the Environmental Committee.

In a recent Parade magazine there was a report about another organization concerned about our environmental problems, appropriately named CONCERN. Members are wives of prominent and influential men who are in positions of power. They have compiled a list of products that are less harmful to our environment than others on the market and hope we will use our economic leverage in favor of these products--think solid waste, biodegradable and phosphates when you buy. To get your environmental shopping list, write for ECO-TIPS. The address is:

Concern, Inc.
Box 19287
Washington, D.C. 20036

Your name will be added to their mailing list.

There is a very good article, "the Solution to a No Deposit, No Return Society", in the June-July issue of the Plain Truth Magazine, which includes a list called "Ten ways you can fight pollution." Unfortunately, they won't permit duplicating the list, preferring that interested persons write directly for their free copy of the magazine. The article and the list are well worth the effort. The address is:

Plain Truth
Box 111
Pasadena, California 91109

Specify the June-July, 1970 issue. They also publish a booklet, Our Polluted Planet; it too is free and excellent.

If you didn't see or failed to clip the list of phosphate ratings of detergents published by the Star Bulleting in Claude Burgett's column , "Notes on Pollution", September 2, 1970, we feel it is important enough to reproduce. Those of you who have your washing machine outside should consider attaching a hose to the machine water hose and draining the phosphate laden water on your grass. You will get double use of both water and phosphate, and will find that you don't need to buy commercial fertilizer quite as often. I gave it a three month trial and our yard is thriving. A note of caution--bleach probably wouldn't be too good for the grass.

Ann Hansen
Chairman, Environment Committee

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