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League to Present TV Documentary "We Elect"

At the time that KHET-TV invited the League to participate in arranging programs for candidates, they also offered the League at least one half hour of TV time for a program. The Board gave approval to the idea of making a Voters Service documentary showing the ballot's journey from the time it is drawn bon the Lt. Governor's office to the time it is counted at the computer center.

A committee composed of Marilyn Bornhorst, Peggy Haring, Betsy Tan, Betty Tobiasson, and Beverly Carter met to consider areas to be covered in the film. The ideas coming from this very productive meeting, combined with Peg Haring's suggestion that we try to use pictures from the State Archives, resulted in a preliminary script.

Beverly Carter met with Charles Stubblefield and Chip Ellis, the technical director, to discuss the feasibility of the script. A t the meeting it was decided that we would film as much as possible on location. The next step was to get the cooperation of the Lt. Governor's office and to set up filming times.

Mr. Arthur Park, the Lt. Governor's administrative assistant, pledged the full cooperation of the Lt. Governor's office. He arranged for the filming of an interview in his office and one in the computer center. His office provided all the materials necessary for the filming of a mock precinct.

The first filming date, and the biggest scene, took place on Saturday, September 12, at Noelani School in Manoa. Marilyn Bornhorst was in charge of setting this up. With the cooperation of the Democratic and Republican parties, the Police Department, and the Lt. Governor's office, she was able to set up, staff the precinct with experienced workers, and find voters to vote. It seems that at least forty people must have been involved at one time or other. The actual filming began at about 10:00 AM and was finished at about 2:00 PM. This scene will take about six minutes in the final production.

Other filming dates included voter registration at Ala Moana with Fran McLeod and Helen Tamashiro, interviews with Arthur Park and Eileen Lota in their offices, and a tour of the computer center where the procedure for counting the ballots was explained.

Great thanks must be given to KHET-TV. The station has gone out of its way to help make this film successful. It has provided expertise, film, TV time, and the salaries of the three technicians it takes to film each segment. Charles Stubblefield has given us much time and effort in helping us coordinate the filming. He is the narrator.

"We Elect" is tentatively scheduled to be shown on the nights before the Primaries and the General Election. Check your TV listings for the time.

Beverly Carter

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