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Voters Service

FAME! It's great--but one of the prices is that so many more people are aware of what you have to offer. Our visibility has brought us many requests for Voters Service projects--some within our scope and others not. One exciting opportunity is to help Kailua High School with its student enrichment program.

The program consists of non-credit time devoted to exploring various special interests--an exciting extension of education in the traditional sense. The League has been asked to sponsor some of these sessions. Currently in the planning stage is a series dealing with political development in Hawaii, the responsiveness of government to people, and lobbying--how to get something done by working within the system. Beryl Wade and Marion Wilkins, who have done such an outstanding job with the Election Year Briefings, are coordinating this effort. A series similar to the Election Year Briefings is another possibility we're exploring--possibly to take place in January 1971. All sessions will be open to the public.


Have you seen the first-rate job the Honolulu Advertiser did in printing our Voters Guides? Front page "Year of the Voter" logo in COLOR!, and a most attractive format for the candidates' questions on the back editorial page. Really an excellent job--you'll be receiving your copy in the mail very soon. Additional copies are available at all public libraries throughout the Island. Teri your friends about them--let's put them to good use. We all owe Evelyn Oishi a debt of gratitude for the very fine job she has done on the guides!


The National League has prepared a set of tapes suitable for radio dealing with political perspectives. We are trying to get various radio stations to play them --KNOI has agreed to do so already--and we hope to have similar responses from some of the other stations.


Are you attending the Election Year Briefings at the YWCA in Honolulu, and at St. Christopher's Church in Kailua? If you're not, you are missing a worthwhile series.


For goodness' sake, don't forget the October 19 candidates' meeting we are co-sponsoring with the AAUW. We have received the acceptance of nearly all candidates already, so we'll be assured of having the two candidates who make it through the primary. It is being held at 7:30 at the AAUW Clubhouse. Bring your husband, your friends, and your questions for the candidates.

Pattye Layfield
Voters Service

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