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General Meeting - Welfare
November Calendar
Voter Service Wrap-Up (Pattye Layfield)
League Co-Operates in T.V. Series
Susie Orient Says - Learn about your City-County Government
TV Series Concludes (Claudia Patil)
Air Quality Standards
Membership Updates
Vote Yes for the Charter Amendment
Vote No on 2 Board of Education Amendments

[ Crossword ]

And now to keep your spare minutes occupied - a brain teaser! Clue - all answers concern leaguers.


  1. Foul, unclean

  2. Supportive evidence

  3. Regulation emanating from a government

  4. Diligent inquiry

  5. Persons composing a body

  6. Member of a state or nation

  7. General agreement

  8. Syn. instruction

  9. Examine by argument

  10. To commence

  11. Examine - investigate

  12. Plan to be followed

  13. Special ability


  1. Acquaintance with facts

  2. Status or standing

  3. People constituting a community

  4. Group elected or appointed to investigate

  5. Wahines

  6. A social group of any size who share government

  7. Elector

  8. Point or matter to be decided

  9. Dissent

  10. Truth, reality

  11. To serve

  12. Concern or involvement

  13. What we all wish we had more of.

Have fun! See Susie Orient in the next Aloha Voter and check answers.

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