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General Meeting

Thursday - November 19th AAUW Clubhouse - 7:30 P.M.

* * * Subject: WELFARE * * *

This promises to be an exciting and informative evening. The format will be a round table discussion on the Welfare System; the rights and wrongs of the present system, the frustration of the people who must work within the system, and ideas for a better Welfare program. The participants will include: two welfare recipients, two community workers, two League members and a representative from Legal Aid and the Department of Social Services.

This is our first general meeting to be held in the evening. One of the reasons for this is that some of the guests on the panel are not able to attend a daytime meeting. They also have transportation and childcare problems. Nevertheless they are giving up an evening to participate in this discussion so that League members may be better equipped to grasp and understand the problems of people on Welfare. This will be of great value to us when we take our consensus in December.

Let's have a good membership turnout for our panelists. Let them know that the League is interested and concerned about welfare issues.

For you who are hesitant about driving to a night meeting alone, carpools will be arranged. For details call Sandy Campbell, 623-2368; or Marilyn Schank (evenings) 254-2304.

Also, as previously stated, consensus on Welfare is coming up in December. Resource material will be sent to all members in November. It is important that the material be read. We only have one unit meeting for Welfare and we must use that time to take our consensus. We will have little or no time for presentation. So Please - DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

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