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TV Series Concludes

Last Friday, October 23, was the last in our series of television programs shown over KHET-TV. Those of us who had a part in the' undertaking learned so much from it and felt that, in our own small way, we made a real contribution to the political education of Hawaii's voters.

Special thanks go to all of the following: Committee Members: These girls devised all those questions asked of the candidates. Dorothy Bremner, Beverly Carter, Pattye Layfield, Susan Martin, with additional assists from Dee Lum, Lucille Mundy, and Carol Whitesell.

Telephone Committee: These girls made literally hundreds of telephone calls, contacting panelists, making appointments: Ann Ketell, Gretel McLane.

Panelists: These lucky people were our "stars". Didn't they do a fine Job? Glendora Alder, Pattye Layfield, Carol Whitesell, Diane Hastert, Dee Lum, Susan Martin, Bea Bennett, Ruth Snyder, Sue Thorndike, Ann Davidson, Betsy Marcinkus, Alice Scott, Ruth Saleley, Chlois McCarter, Marian Wilkins, Pat Garrigan, Betsy Tan, Gretel McLane, Fran McLeod.

The one single person who was moat responsible for the success of the series was Charles Stubblefield, News and Public Affairs Supervisor of KHET-TV. His expertise and complete unflappability saw us through many a crisis, and his patience with our fumbling first efforts never wavered. To him and to Dr. Lark Daniel, General Manager of KHET, go our most sincere thanks for enabling us to "do our thing" this election year. We look forward to many more such cooperative efforts in the future!

Claudia Patil
Chairman, TV series

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