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Voter Service Wrap-Up


The combined membership of the AAUW and the LWV were greatly honored by the presence of both Governor Burns arid Sam King at the October 19 Candidates' Meeting. In attendance were some 150 members and guests, as well as members of the press and TV. The presence of both gubernatorial candidates on the same platform was a first in this campaign, and may well have been the single opportunity voters will have to meet both candidates simultaneously. Bob Sevey moderated the evening with great charm, humor and skill. We are very grateful for his help.

It is a tribute to the scrupulously observed non-partisanship of the League and the AAUW, as well as a recognition by both parties that we will observe a strict sense of fair play, that we were able to attract both candidates. While the meeting produced neither fireworks nor heat, some light was shed -- those in attendance came away better informed.

Enough credit cannot be given to Karen Hemmeter, program chairman for the AAUW (and brand new League Member). It could never have been the success it was without her tender nursing: Mahalo! to Karen and the AAUW! Our two organizations make a great team

Pattye Layfield
Chairman, Voters Service

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