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December Units - Consensus on Welfare
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Welfare Consensus Questions

December Units - Consensus on Welfare

The December units will attempt to take a consensus on welfare. Required reading includes:

..resource material mailed to members in November

..Facts and Issues: "Freedom from Want - a Dream Deferred".

..Facts and Issues: "Revenue Sharing - The Three Way Stretch".

There will also be a short presentation by the resource people.

National asked us for a consensus rather late in the year. The Human resources Committee has amassed and absorbed as much material as possible in the allotted time. Committee members will be at the units to help answer questions, but it is still necessary to read the resource material.

The consensus questions are reprinted in this issue of the Voter. The committee realizes that welfare is a broad and complex topic and that the members may not feel competent to reach consensus on such short study. However, because of the anticipated charge:; in the welfare system, it is felt that local Leagues should try to come to an agreement on certain aspects of the consensus questions.


Tuesday, Dec. 8

HONOLULU MORNING UNIT Home of Marjorie Taylor 526 Ulili St., Honolulu Ph. 752-0827 9:00 Coffee; 9:30 Meeting

HONOLULU EVENING UNIT AAUW Clubhouse, 1802 Keeaumoku St. 7:30 Coffee and Meeting for information call Sharon Yokote, Ph. 757-7741

Wednesday, Dec. 9

HAWAII KAI UNIT Home of Jane Hewitt 7167 Kamilo St., Honolulu 9:15 Coffee; 9:30 Meeting for information call Sue Thorndike Ph. 373-0155

Thursday, Dec. 10

WINDWARD MORNING UNIT St. Christopher's Episcopal Church 95 N. Kainalu Dr., Kailua 9:15 Coffee; 9:30 Meeting for information call Marion Wilkins; Ph. 261-0549 babysitting available at church

WINDWARD EVENING UNIT Emmanuel Episcopal Church Annex, 708 Wanaao Rd., Kailua 7:30 Coffee and Meeting for information call Betty Grode; Ph. 262-4924

No second Round of Units. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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