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December Units - Consensus on Welfare
League Wins at the Polls (Dorothy Bremner)
School Committee Rates "A"
U.S. Congress Study Gets Underway
Honolulu League Needs You!
In the Campaign Finances Committee
Bouquet to... (Ann Hansen)
Air Pollution Glossary
In Your Own Home (You Supply the Scissors!)
Election Night Coverage (Betty Buck)
Susie Orient Says---
Welfare Consensus Questions

The Honolulu League Needs You!

In the City and County Observer Corps

Now that elections are over, wouldn't you like to observe our City and County Government in action? Join the City and County Observer Corps!

We need observers for City Council meetings, Planning Commission, and Zoning Boards of Appeals which meet a- follows:

Government in Action - Meeting Day

City Council - Tues. 2:00 pm

Zoning Board of Appeals - Alternate Thurs. 8:30 am

Planning Commission - Alternate Thurs, 8:30 am, Alternate Thurs. 1:30 pm

Council Finance Committee - Fridays 1:30 pm

Council Public Works - Fridays 1:30 pm

Call Ellen Mann at 395-3537 and become part of this fascinating program.

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