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December Units - Consensus on Welfare
League Wins at the Polls (Dorothy Bremner)
School Committee Rates "A"
U.S. Congress Study Gets Underway
Honolulu League Needs You!
In the Campaign Finances Committee
Bouquet to... (Ann Hansen)
Air Pollution Glossary
In Your Own Home (You Supply the Scissors!)
Election Night Coverage (Betty Buck)
Susie Orient Says---
Welfare Consensus Questions

In the Campaign Finances Committee

Did you say during September, October 'Isn't it awful how much it costs to run for office?---How can the poor candidate raise the money?---What can be done to bring costs down?---How can a candidate meet his constituency on a low budget? etc. etc.

If you are concerned about campaign Costs and methods of financing, WHY DON'T YOU JOIN THE COMMITTEE which is now being formed to study this problem and come up with action. Call Ruth Snyder 373-6178 or at the League office 531-7448 and VOLUNTEER.

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