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December Units - Consensus on Welfare
League Wins at the Polls (Dorothy Bremner)
School Committee Rates "A"
U.S. Congress Study Gets Underway
Honolulu League Needs You!
In the Campaign Finances Committee
Bouquet to... (Ann Hansen)
Air Pollution Glossary
In Your Own Home (You Supply the Scissors!)
Election Night Coverage (Betty Buck)
Susie Orient Says---
Welfare Consensus Questions

In Your Own Home (You Supply the Scissors!)

Two newspaper clippers are wanted to clip all reports of speeches, appearances of each of state representatives and senators. One 'clipper' will work on the Star-Bulletin, the other on the Advertiser. Having complete files on each legislator's opinions and positions will mean a great deal when it comes time to lobby. Call Ruth Snyder 373-6178 or 531-7448.

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