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League Wins at the Polls (Dorothy Bremner)
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Welfare Consensus Questions

League Wins at the Polls

Almost everybody underestimated voter interest in and information about the ballot issues. Maybe the League had something to do with that.

Charter Review. 86% of the people at the polls voted on the charter review question (72% of all registered voters). Charter review won by 3 to 1.

There are many League leis to hand out Hawaiian-style from this chairman---to McLeod's active school committee, which allowed we to ride on its coattails; to Mabel Keesling's Ideas; to husband Mark Hastert who reduced the verbiage to an attractive one-page handout; to the Hasterts and Fran Burgess for those excellent sample ballot posters; to the enthusiastic new members who formed the Action Committee, especially typist Sue MacLean; to the genie of the mimeograph machine, Ruth Snyder; and to all those ladies who spent Halloween in traditional League fashion, womanning tables at shopping centers to distribute charter and school position papers: Fran Burgess, Pris Mauerman, Sally Vernon, Edie Idler, Beryl Wade, Sue MacLean, Pat Shutt, Pat Hilden, Beth Weisberger, Barbara Nobriga, Idell Brownlee, Carol Whitesell, Ruth Snyder, Laura Goo, Gretel McLane, Betty Buck, Bea Palmer, Marj Taylor, Maya Fowler, Bea Bennett, Opal Sloane, Becky Yeatman, Liz Bush, Maury Muench, Grace Bowers, Fran Jackson, and Mary Glover.

The City Charter Amendment 1970 file is closed. Now on to the amendments themselves.

Dorothy Bremner

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