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School Committee Rates "A"

Congratulations to Fran McLeod for being chosen "Wahine of the Week" by the Star Bulletin. Through the recognition of Fran personally, the study committee for Know Your Schools and the League as a whole has gained recognition in the community. This committee chaired by Fran has been doing research for over a year.(they even met all summer - a time when most committees take a breather). As a result material was presented at units in May on the structure and working relationship of the State Board of Education and the school administration. With this background it was possible to make an analysis of the two proposed amendments to the Constitution affecting the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Education. The committee then went into high gear; 10,000 copies of the Analysis were printed and distributed by the three Leagues. Here on Oahu Fran and committee members made many presentations to PTA and other groups. Mabel Keesling lay awake nights thinking up new contacts to be made for the committee to get the message across:

Because the homework on the structure of the board and administration and an analysis of the two proposed amendments had been done, the committee was ready to ask League members for consensus to support or oppose the amendments to the Constitution. You know the answer, Leaguers decided to oppose the amendments on the basis that by removing the method of selecting the board and who would select the superintendent of schools from the Constitution, the door was opened for the Legislature to play political football with a board and a superintendent.

Armed with the consensus position, the committee came up with the flyer. "It's a No-No". 5,000 of these were printed. At this point Mr. Dave Thompson of the ILWU was approached for help in getting more flyers printed, as the ILWU had come out early in the summer against the amendments. The result was 22,000 more flyers furnished by ILWU and sponsored by the League, ILWU and Hawaii Congress of Parents and Teachers. American Association of University Women was not included, because at that time they did not have a position, and the committee could not wait until October 18 for their position. After that meeting, AAUW did come out against the amendments. You all know the results. The amendments were overwhelmingly defeated on November 5. The week after election, the committee was back at work. There is still much to be covered in the Know Your Schools Study. Also according to bills introduced in the last legislative session and which are expected to be reintroduced this session, issues are emerging about which the membership should be informed and possibly ready to take action. The primary issue will remain what method of selection of a Board and a superintendent will the League either suggest or support.

Hats off to our very capable chairman and her outstanding committee for work will done. Committee members ( all Honolulu League members) are Mabel Keesling, Helen Fredrick, Fran Burgess, Helen Tameshiro, Diane Hastert, Peggy Haring, Liz Bush and welcome to new members Faith Evans and Sue Thorndike.

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