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January Calendar

Don't forget! Two rounds of units this month.

Tuesday, January 12

HONOLULU MORNING UNIT Home of Bea Levine * 1519 Kalaniwai Pl., Honolulu. Ph. 575-9545 9:00 Coffee; 9:50 Meeting *New address, call for directions

HONOLULU EVENING UNIT AAUW Clubhouse, 1802 Keeaumoku 7:50 Coffee and Meeting for information call Sharon Yokote Ph. 757-7741

Wednesday, January 15

HAWAII KAI UNIT Home of Ruth Snyder 6249 Honolulu 9:15 Coffee 9:30 Meeting for information call: Sue Thorndike, Ph. 575-0155

Thursday, January 14

WINDWARD MORNING UNIT, St. Christopher's Episcopal Church: 93 N. Kainalu Dr., Kailua 9:15 Coffee; 9:30 Meeting for information call Marian Wilkins Ph. 261-0549 babysitting available at Church

WINDWARD EVENING UNIT Emmanuel Episcopal Church Annex 708 Wanaao Rd., Kailua 7:30 Coffee and Meeting for information call Betty Grode 262-4924

Tuesday, January 26

HONOLULU MORNING UNIT Home of Bea Bennett 4760 Farmers Rd., Honolulu Ph. 754-7527 9:00 Coffee; 9:50 Meeting


Wednesday, January 27

HAWAII KAI UNIT Home of Sue Thorndike 564 Kumukahi Place, Honolulu 9:15 Coffee; 9:50 Meeting Ph. 575-0155

Thursday, January 28



BOARD MEETING - Tuesday, January 19

SPECIAL BOARD MEETING - Tuesday, February 2

(consensus on air quality)

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