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January Units - Air Pollution
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January Units - Air Pollution

Come one, come all! Hear the fantastic story of man's destruction of the very air he needs to survive! Listen to stories about sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulates that will make you gasp! Learn the terrifying Truth about your very own automobile! Watch as the incredible statistics are revealed before your very eyes! Read on...

AIR POLLUTION--the subject of January's first units. Topics covered include discovery of the foremost pollutants: their sources, characteristics and unlovely affects; the local situation ("The Truth about the Trades"), what our air costs us and who pays what and who's got the responsibility and what are the laws. There will be time for questions during all this, so please bring yours with you, or manufacture them on the spot.

Attached is the League's widely acclaimed Facts and Issues on air pollution "A Congregation of Vapors." For a capsule summation of the problem;' 'A Congregation of Vapors" is tops. Please read it so what we all discuss at the first meeting will have something to stick to. You might also want to glance again at the air pollution glossary.*

All this is preparation, of course, for our consensus on air pollution later in January.

Lastly, your committee bids aloha to its Texas-bound chairman, Ann Hansen, (Can an Environment Chairman who leaves Hawaii for Texas have missed the point?) This loss of our most encyclopedic member leaves the committee shaken, but still functioning.

*and the pamphlet "Needed: Clean Air" which you received with your November and December Voters.

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