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President's Notes

Happy New Year! The Honolulu League greets 1971 with new amenities; an office of one and a half years, volunteer office staffing by League members five days per week from 9:30 - 12:00, a new electric typewriter and, after 20 years of answering service by the Richards Street Y.W.C.A., we now have a private business phone (531-7448). It was with a mixture of sadness and pride in growth, that we discontinued our answering service with the Y and said farewell to our dear friend and League supporter, Mae the switchboard operator.

In odd numbered years local and state Leagues concentrate on state program, (National program is adopted at convention in even-numbered years) Our legislature meets this month, The state Board has a seasoned team of experts all set to lobby for League programs during the 1971 session. Be on the alert for possible areas for League study and action.

Our Annual meeting comes in April, so also be thinking of City and County governmental issues in need of voter attention. Unlike most local leagues the Honolulu League is actually in need of one, if not two, hot study items,

The Charter study (a perennial with the league) committee, under the chairmanship of Dorothy Bremner, will report to the membership before April. We want to keep abreast of the charter now that Honolulu will have a 13 member Charter Review Commission in 1971,

Betty Grode has accepted the Chairmanship of the "Know Your County" study. The committee members have put in over a year and a half of hard work and hope to have their booklet published before the April Annual Meeting. Publication will culminate two years of work and bring to a successful close a study of how the City and County government of Honolulu functions today. There is a need for readers and for anyone who has had experience working on publications of this nature. Please call Betty Grode 262-4924.

The nominating committee will be meeting in January and February. A call from the committee to serve on the local board is an honor and should be accepted with pride.

Lucile Mundy, our 1st vice President will be leaving the Honolulu Board after almost two years of service with the official portfolio of Publications Chairman and the unofficial title of girl-Friday to the entire Board. It was Lucile who always tied up those little loose ends and worked out the so often overlooked details! As a board member Lucile never forgot the need of the membership to fully understand Board actions. It runs in the family, Mr. Mundy generously offered his time, tools and photographic know-how on several occasions and saved the day for us - Millard, thank you.

The Mundys will be leaving the Islands in February for an extended trip. Aloha and have a pleasant trip. Myrne Blomquist joins the Honolulu Board to serve out Lucile's term.

Ann Hansen our Environmental Study Chairman moved up to the state board last month and almost before congratulations could be made we received the sad news that the Hansens were leaving Honolulu for Texas. Somewhere in Texas government officials will soon be under Ann's watchful eye. She has all the environmental expertise gained here in Honolulu with almost two years on the local board and so we can only sigh for the Texans and once again repeat --"Honolulu's loss is Texas' gain. Ann, you will be terribly missed and long loved and remembered by the Honolulu League.

Marion Wilkins and Beryl Wade are co-Chairing the 1971 finance drive. It's that time again and our pockets are getting lean.

We can take a much deserved bow for our past election year accomplish' merits. Let us now turn our attention and put all our efforts into making 1971 a year of legislative accomplishments (at all three levels of government.)

Lila Grossman

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