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Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 13. 10 AM - luncheon

AAUW Clubhouse, 1802 Keeaumoku St.

The Annual Meeting is the League's only business meeting of the year. This is your opportunity to take a first-hand personal part in League work and in important decisions that affect the League. The Budget Committee has presented an $8,000 budget to make possible a dynamic and effective program in all our areas of activity. The proposed local program for the ensuing year will be our major topic of business. The new item: STUDY OF THE PLANNING PROCESS AT THE COUNTY PROCEDURES AND RESULTS, came about through member discussion at units and suggestions forwarded to the local Board. In addition to the proposed program individual members may make program recommendations at the meeting. Also members may amend any program item being considered, provided the intent is not changed or the scope enlarged.

Maximum participation and full discussion in this final choice will provide the new Board with the essential guidance about the focus and emphasis which the programs are to receive

The third item of business is the most pleasant - the selection of a local Board! The report of the Nominating Committee was published in the March Voter. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the meeting, provided the consent of the nominee has been obtained.

Please make every effort to attend this important meeting, to congratulate our new president and welcome the new Board into office.

For luncheon, which will immediately follow the business meeting, you have a choice of EITHER bringing a cold salad (enough for six) OR paying $1.00. Please indicate your preference, if you have not already been contacted, by calling your unit chairman or Rose Kirwan (Ph. 757-8402).

The Annual Meeting is also your one chance to meet, greet and exchange ideas with members from all other units whom you never see all year. Free parking in the church lot next door. Babysitting available at the church, too, for 75¢ per child. Please provide your little one with his own sack lunch.

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