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April Units - Charter Study and Consensus

Because of the Annual Meeting there will be only one round of units in April. This round will concern itself with the study of the City and County Charter. A partial consensus will be taken at the April 27-29 units. You are

Charter Workbook which will help you in discussing these consensus questions:

  1. What form of government do you favor? Why?

    1. Commission

    2. Weak mayor/Council ?

    3. Strong mayor/ Council?

    4. Manager/Council?

    5. Combination strong Mayor/Administrator/Council?

  2. Do you think there should be any general redistribution of power between the administration, council, and the public?

    1. Re the Council's relationship to the Mayor :

      1. retain or remove Mayor's power to reduce or strike budget items?

      2. increase or reduce Council power to approve Mayor's appointments and removals?

      3. Council review of administrative rules?

      4. Other?

    2. Government's relationship to the public:

      1. or fewer advisory boards? Which ones?

      2. More or fewer semi-autonomous bodies? Which ones?

      3. More or fewer administrative boards? Which ones?

      4. Public powers - elect, impeach, recall, petition; public hearing; right of redress; right to know; referendum:

      5. Other?

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