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Foreign Policy

Foreign policy frequently strikes us as something far-removed from our: daily personal lives. In reality that is not at all the case. For example,— Hawaii residents are directly affected by our national trade policies in such areas as the importation of Japanese textiles used by local garment manufacturers.

The League of Women Voters has enunciated positions on various foreign policy issues over the years. a This has been done through the regular League processes of study and consensus. At the moment, the League has a consensus position on trade and aid, American relations with the People's Republic of ,China, and the United. Nations. The foreign policy committee hopes to bring you up to date on these positions through a brief synopsis of each area in the next few Voters.

Incidentally, the foreign policy committee welcomes your suggestions and comments and your woman power. We are eager to have some fresh faces and ideas and hope to have a representative from each unit on our committee.

The latest League consensus in foreign policy was on trade and aid. Many of you may remember this from last spring. We thought you might be interested in how closely the national consensus followed our local consensus in these areas.

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