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Local Program Adopted
State Convention -- June 4th
May Calendar
From Our President (Dee Lum)
Charter Consensus
Local Board Elected
Remember that Membership Questionnaire...?
Committee Update - Charter Study (Dorothy Bremner)
Committee Update - Public Relations (Laura Goo)
Committee Update - Aloha Voter (Claudia Patil)
Committee Update - Units (Glendora Alder & Carol Whitesell)
Our Gal on the Move (Lucile Mundy)
Foreign Policy Wrap-Up II
Air Quality Consensus
Congressional News Service

Local Board Elected

The following officers and directors were elected to your Local Board at the April 13th Annual Meeting:

President: Dee Lum 2 years

First Vice President: Claudia Patil 2 years

Secretary: Laura Goo 2 years


Myrne Blomquist 2 years

Sally Vernon 2 years

Marian Wilkins 2 years

Jacqueline Brickner 2 years

Fran Burgess e 1 year

Frances Dohme 1 year

Marilyn Schank 1 year

The 1971-72 Nominating Committee Members are: Pat Shutt, Chairman; Alva Brantz and Lila Grossman.

Further introduction to these and continuing Board Members will appear in the next issue of the Voter.

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