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Charter Consensus


As this Voter goes to press, Act I is being played out in units.


Consensus question; what components do we favor in a council plan?

  1. Representation

    1. All at large OR

    2. By district OR

    3. Mix at-large and district?

  2. Size?

  3. Full or part-time?

  4. What salary range?

  5. Term

    1. How long?

    2. Overlapping?

    3. Coterminous with Mayor's term?


Consensus question: What are the criteria that a good Honolulu Charter should meet?

These mock criteria have been set up for your discussion, and are what consensus will be based on May 25-27. Note the Criteria aren't complete. Obvious virtues, such as "efficiency" and, "financially sound", are not included, because we couldn't evaluate a charter in those terms until we'd studied each department and budget process. After study, other criteria could be developed concerning planning, civil service, bidding procedures, mass transit, improvement districts, other specifics concerning each department, specific advisory, administrative, and semi-autonomous agencies, and issues as they are raised by the Charter Commission. Also added to this list will be our previous consensus.

A good charter for the City and County of Honolulu:

  1. Should clarify policy-making? OR

    Should define the legislative and administrative functions as it now does in the charter?

  2. Overlapping functions should be eliminated as much as possible?

  3. The provisions should be in harmony with state statutes?

  4. Should be a broad, basic document? OR

    Should be a detailed, complete picture of our local government?

  5. Charter amendment procedures should provide for citizens' mandatory review every 10 years and should be comprehensive?

  6. Should include realistic timetables wherever it is detailed?

  7. Language of the charter should be simple and provisions clearly understandable?

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