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"Our Gal on the Move"

Letter from Lucile Mundy dated April 4, 1971; Furness Creek, Death Valley:

--Mill was able to find a place in Pasadena licensed to install tank and necessary carburation and piping to burn liquid petroleum for our pulling vehicle* instead of gasoline. Emissions into the air from liquid petroleum are 50 to 90% reduced. A week or even one day spent in the smog areas of the urban centers convinces, with little doubt, that each one must really do what he can. (Feel like Claudia's little sparrow of the Indian fable.) It's almost unbelievable how so many people endure the foul air without a whimper. Two days of it and we were in screaming protest, impatient to ride out of it as quickly as possible. Mill now tells everyone and shows everyone he meets the possibility of using liquid petroleum instead of gasoline. Since the couples we meet in campgrounds are usually seeking an escape to fresh air, they frequently appreciate hearing about an alternative to gasoline.

The initial investment runs between $500-600 but since we will be running our Travel-all many miles these next two years, Mill feels it will actually pay for itself because the LP burns cleaner in the engine, requires oil changes at least three times less frequently, and practically no wear to the sparkplugs. There is the inconvenience of finding LP suppliers. It has to be under great pressure so the fittings and all must be in good condition. Because these supply stations are not too plentiful we are able to use gasoline alternately as necessary - feeling guilty every gallon that we're forced to use. The three western states, Calif., Oregon, and Wash. have encouraged conversion to LP by issuing cards which exempt us from paying, state road tax when we purchase LP. This brings our cost per gallon below cost of gasoline and so far our mileage per gal. equals that for gasoline. It has been so interesting to us, thought you'd like to hear about it.

Lucile Mundy

Note: the Mundys are pulling a trailer

Mundy, Millard Clay “Mill” Friday, 23 May 2003 Bainbridge Island Review Bainbridge Island, WA

Millard Clay “Mill” Mundy, age 92, died May 23 at his Bainbridge Island home. He was born Oct. 8, 1910, and raised in Hawaii. He met his wife Lucile in Hilo, Hawaii, where he was teaching music at Hilo High School. The young Mundy family moved to Oahu, when Mill joined the staff of the University of Hawaii Music Department, Manoa Campus, from which he retired. He had a lifetime interest in photography and darkroom work, and was one of the earlier presidents of the Hilo Camera Club. For the past two years, he and Lucile lived with their daughter at Winslow Cohousing. He enjoyed his family, meeting new people, flowers, science, nature, card games and good stories. Millard is survived by his wife of 61 years, Lucile Mundy, Bainbridge Island; son Robert C. Mundy, Kahului, Maui; daughter Patricia A. Casey, Bainbridge Island; son, Richard J. Mundy, Pahoa, Hawaii; grandchildren, Wesley Mundy, Jason Mundy, Ian Casey, Alison Casey; and great grandson, Brandon Iwaishi. Arrangements are under the direction of Kass Funeral Home.

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