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From Our President (Dee Lum)
Charter Consensus
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Remember that Membership Questionnaire...?
Committee Update - Charter Study (Dorothy Bremner)
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Our Gal on the Move (Lucile Mundy)
Foreign Policy Wrap-Up II
Air Quality Consensus
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From Our President

I am very grateful for the willing help of the following:

Rose Kirwan who has agreed to help the Board, resource people and the membership with arrangements for meeting places, hostessing, food preparation and cleanups. We will all appreciate her coordination in this area. Knowing that many hands make light work I shall also thank all of you who will come to her aid.

The three members who will be clippers this year. Thank you -

Agnes Gaughan - Honolulu Advertiser

Elizabeth Colliver - Star-Bulletin

Elizabeth Piper - The New York Times

You also are invited to send in, or bring to your units or committee meetings any clippings or magazine articles relating to our many study items on the local, state and national levels. Those articles will be shared with the committees in the appropriate areas.


To Lila, and to you all, I extend my thanks: To Lila, for her past leadership which will make the President's task manageable; to you the members for your faith and support which will carry me into this term and which will sustain me as we strive to continue the program and service.

Do you the members know how important you are? Each of you is very important to the League of Women Voters. Some can only give monetary and moral support. Others are able to share their thoughts in the discussion units and on committees. A few of you serve as a vital link by being unit leaders. Many members double up and do "double duty". Some are on the Board. No matter what our activity is, it is vital for the existence of the League, for the continuance of its programs and the growth of its voter service.

I look forward to working with you in whatever job you do, in whatever capacity you serve, as we move into the year ahead.

I vote for YOU! Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Dee Lum

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