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Committee Update - Units

The number of units went from six to five with the demise of the Km Unit because of small attendance. The Hawaii Kai Unit changed its meeting day to Wednesday, giving a nice spread of morning and evening units on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a morning unit on Wednesday. Attendance at units averaged 68 members and guests. Our capable unit chairmen have been: Glendora Alder, Honolulu Morning; Sharon Yokote, Honolulu Evening; Sue Thorndike, Hawaii Kai; Marion Wilkins, Windward Morning; and Betty Grode, Windward Evening.

We have had one preliminary meeting and several telephone conversations with interested women in the Waianae area to investigate possibilities of a unit or study group in that area. Vida Delaney, a new member, has volunteered to be the leader in forming such a group.

Carol Whitesell
Glendora Alder

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