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Action on Diamond Head

League members will have noticed by recent newspaper articles that there is once again activity on the future of Diamond Head. Our 1966 consensus supports minimum development in the area with eventual acquisition of the lands on the makai side of Diamond Head Road for park use. During 1969 as a result of units reviewing local program it was agreed that we could support Historic, Cultural and Scenic districting for the minimum development around Diamond Head.

Current activity on Diamond Head has two facets:

  1. An ordinance has been written to create "Historic, Cultural and Scenic District No. 2, the Diamond Head District." The purpose is to "protect both Diamond Head and the popular vantage points from which good views of the famous landmark are still possible.." League testimony supported this zoning at a Planning Commission hearing on hay 19th. The Planning Commission will make its recommendation to the City Council, and the Council will hold a second public hearing at which time the League will again support the ordinance.

  2. The proposed Capital Improvement Program Budget for 1971-72 contains an appropriation of $524,000 for continuing acquisition of land in the Diamond Head area for park use. (The City has already acquired two parcels and hopefully will have acquired two more before the end of this fiscal year, June 30th.) This appropriation is in grave danger. It was the old City Council that changed the General Plan to designate park lands makai of Diamond Head road and began the acquisition. Several members of the new City Council have expressed reservations about the Diamond Head project.

Each League member should be sure her district councilman knows of her support for the Historic, Cultural, Scenic zoning and particularly her support of continuing the acquisition of land as it becomes available for park use.

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