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A final report from your study/action Environment Committee on its air pollution standards efforts: As you may remember, the Department of Health is in the throes of establishing air quality standards for Hawaii as required by federal law. We presented testimony at two Department of Health hearings on proposed air quality standards. Our testimony was in favor of the set of standards proposed by a University of Hawaii Task Force. Industry representatives at the hearings unanimously testified in favor of the standards proposed by the Department of Health itself.

Although data reflecting the present condition of Hawaii's air is woefully inadequate, the Task Force felt their proposals would set state standards at approximately present levels of pollution, The Department of Health chose to allow for the fact that its measurements of present conditions may have not encompassed Hawaii's dirtiest air, so its proposals were set at much higher levels of pollution.

Following many meetings of civic groups, industrial representatives, etc. which your committee attended, the final hearing was held on May 21. We later learned from the newspaper that the local Environmental Protection Agency man had privately advised the Board of Health that the Task Force standards were "unattainable," and caused the Board to recommend to pr. Quisenberry that the Department of Health standards be adopted, Dr. Quisenberry decision is due around June 21, although it is unlikely that the Board's recommendation won't be followed.

Committee is now in a state of chairmanless suspension awaiting word from the national convention as to what the next national study item will be. Any volunteers for the committee or the chairmanship would be WELCOME.

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