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Committee Update II - Foreign Policy

The direction and work of the Foreign Policy committee this past year was action-oriented rather than study-oriented. In keeping with this orientation, this committee took responsibility for the Time for Action units in October. These units were designed to give League members knowledge of how the League functions to further the implementation of its consensus items at national, state, and local levels.

The League continues its support of past consensus items in three areas: development assistance and trade; the People's Republic of China; and the United Nations. First, the League has urged the continued support of aid to underdeveloped nations with a shifting emphasis from bilateral to multilateral aid based upon mutual responsibility and interdependence. The League urges the clear separation of military and economic aid. The League continues to push for the adoption of more liberal trade policies and our local League has participated in a campaign of official and personal letters to our Congress men urging their support of such policies.

Second, the League looks with great interest upon the new national emphasis on measures which would relax U,S.-China relations. The long-standing League consensus on this issue looks closer to realization than it has ever been in the past.

Finally, the League welcomes contact with the local United Nations Association in items of mutual concern. A representative of the League attended their annual meeting and the League has been asked to work with their board on items of joint interest.

Susan Martin

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