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Committee Update II - Membership

New policies undertaken in the membership domain this past year include the inauguration of the anniversary system of membership, A new member has twelve consecutive months of membership privileges from the time of payment of dues to the time she is billed again. Also, an Associate Member classification (for men or non-citizens) was set by the Board at $10 per year. Now, ladies, we have a membership option to offer those who find League membership policies too exclusionary. And finally, by decision of the 1970 National Convention, the minimum age for membership in the League was lowered to 18 years of age.

Highlights of the membership committee's activities during the year were: Prospective Members' Coffee Hour on August 26 in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage (with S. Martin taking a deep breath in a Suffragette dress!); an orientation meeting dealing with County government; sponsorship of go-see tours of city and state legislative bodies; "Susie Orient" column in the Aloha Voter; coffee hour get-togethers for new member orientation; reactivation of the talent-interest system; use of "traveling salesman kits;" use of "Can You Vote in Hawaii?" as a recruiting medium for island newcomers; membership profile questionnaire; and up-dating "Your League of Women Voters Handbook," a tapa and cinnamon colored booklet included in New Member kits.

A hearty MAHALO to committee members Jane Ball, Betty Buck, Pat Garrigan, Diane Hastert, Ann Ketell, Gretel McLane, Sally Vernon, Beth Weisberger, and Lois Wilcox, as well as to the most helpful local and state Board members.

And finally, as of March 31, our membership roster stood at 225 paid members.

Betsy Tan

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