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From Our President

A reminder for the members:

Jane Ball has the talent interest file.* She hopes to be able to help those who are looking for members with specific interests or talents. But she can not be a help to us if you have not handed in your sheet indicating your preferences - so, please do. Your membership lady will be able to help you if you have a question. *This is a valuable resource for us all.

The League of Women Voters prints many items: Some specific to a job such as the budget committee or for the study of Congressional Reform; some useful for a long time; some good only for those who are currently dealing with a specific job or area. If board, committee or other League property is found in a drawer or on a book case as you clean for the summer, please return to the office so that we can reuse - not reorder!

Now that we have consensus on the Charter I would like to invite those persons who are interested in the "action" portion to please give me a call. #949-6716

Date notes:

June 15th - All persons interested in learning how to run the mimeo and ditto machines are welcome to join the board at 9:30 am for these demonstrations.

June 17th - I have reserved this date for a planning session for the new Planning Study. All interested persons come to the League office at 9:30 am or call Diane Haster, our new chairman if you are interested but can not make it. #373-1124

July and August - The board will meet.- dates to be set. Current board policy allows any member to attend meetings. Please notify. the Board Secretary if you plan to attend.

Dee Lum

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