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Attention: Members Interested in Planning
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Attention: Members Interested in Observing the Planning Session

The Planning Commission meets each week on Wednesday at 2:00 pm in the Conference Room of City Hall Annex. The Commissioners are Rev. Eugene B, Connell Jr., Chairman, Mrs. Fredda Sullen, Vice Chairman, Mr. Thomas N. Yamabe II, Mr. Phillip T. Chun, Mr. Roy R. Bright, Mr. James Crane and Mr, Thomas Creighton.

Public hearings are held on applications which come before the Planning Commission. The Planning Department gives a presentation that includes charts, maps and drawings showing the areas discussed and makes their recommendation. Following the public hearing and discussion of all information before them, the Planning Commission makes their recommendation to the City Council.

The Commissioners have microphones which gives an observer the opportunity to hear what is taking place. The meetings arc informative and fascinating and all Leaguers arc invited to attend and observe the action, Become informed on what is going on at the Planning Commission level.

The League Observice for the Planning Commission is Bea Bennett.

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