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Board Policies

The following are policies adopted by the Board of Directors as guidelines for conducting the business of the LWV of Honolulu:


    1. Compliance with nonpartisanship policies will be strictly adhered to by all Board members and Nominating Committee chairman.

    2. It is recommended that Board members desiring to take part in activities of a controversial or partisan political nature consult the Board.


    1. General Board

      1. General board meetings will be open to any interested member of the LWV of Honolulu. Minutes will be kept on file and open for examination.

      2. Time and place of each month's general Board meeting will be published in the VOTER calendar.

      3. It is each Beard member's responsibility to keep the membership informed of her committee's activities and plans through the VOTER.

      4. Each Board member making a report at the general Board meeting shall present one copy of it in wroting to the secretary on the day the report is made.

      5. Candidates for office on the general Board shall not be present at the meeting at which appointment is made.

      6. Anticipated absence from the Board meeting should be reported ahead of time to the president.

    2. Executive Committee

      1. The Executive Committee will be composed of the five elected officers of the League.

      2. The Executive Committee will meet one week prior to the general Board meeting.

      3. The Executive Committee will develop the agenda for the general Board meeting.


    Each Board member is responsible for presenting to the general Board for consideration and approval her committee's plans. However, the Board member herself retains the responsibility for implementation.

    1. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of the chairman and two members nominated and elected at the annual meeting, plus two members appointed by the Board of Directors.

    2. In the event of a Board vacancy, the president will appoint a member to complete the term, subject to Board approval.


    1. Statements published in the name of the League or which present the League position and/or policy to the community, must receive prior approval of the president.

    2. All news items must be approved by the Public Relations chairman. When practicable, it is preferable to use the Board member's given name rather than her husband's.


    1. All letters involving League action or policies should go out over the president's signature, with approval of the Board.

    2. Other correspondence is the responsibility of the individual Board member. A copy of all correspondence should be sent to the president and included in correspondence file circulated for Board perusal.


    1. Board approval must be obtained prior to the publication of any material in the name of the League.

    2. Membership lists wills not be circulated or used for solicitation without Board approval.

    3. In general, the League will use union printers for all League publications.


    1. Cooperation with others in areas within League programs shall be encouraged as a means of extending the influence of the League.

    2. In all cases of cooperation, financial arrangements should be understood and unequivocal,


    When possible, the Local League president should be a delegate.

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