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From the Annual Report by Lucy Wilson Benson... (Lucy Wilson Benson)

Grant Supports Two New Programs

The National Board of Trustees of the League of Women Voters Education Fund is very pleased to tell you that the LWVEF, as a result of the 50th Anniversary Drive, has received a large grant of 051,000 from the Ford Foundation: The grant will make possible two new programs under the Education Fund. One is an Election Systems Survey in which we are partners with the National Municipal League; the other provides for the establishment in our national office of a Department of Litigation.

In a sentence, the goal of the Elections Systems Survey project will be to find out what stands between a potential voter and the ballot box -- the first such national effort. The Department of Litigation will be the Education Fund's contribution to the newly emerging pattern of seeking redress of grievances through legal proceedings.

The Election Systems Survey will be carried out under the direction of a National Program Committee, appointed by both the LWVEF and the National Municipal League; the Department of Litigation will become an integral part of EF national activities. Both of these programs represent significant recognition of the League's long experience in working on public issues and in Voters Service.

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