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Hawaii State Board Reports


Land Use . . . No consensus this first year. By October, Facts and Issues on the Land Use Law will be on sale; *'LL's will receive study guides and basic information on 1) overall view of land use and land, ownership patterns in Hawaii; 2) Land Use Commission Rules and regulations; 3) Regulation 4 under which conservation land is administered by the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources; 4) Day-to-day operation of the Commission and staff (personnel, budget, how petitions are evaluated, notification procedures).

Schools . . . Consensus deadline Dec. 20 on to what degree, if any, the policy-making authority of the state School Board should be decentralized. New material, study guides, and consensus questions to LL's in September. Various forms of local boards are now being advocated by groups covering a wide political spectrum. It looks as though the Legislature may put three issues on the 1972 ballot: a choice between elected and appointed local advisory boards; a choice between an elected and appointed state board; apportionment program for school board(s).

Campaign Finances . . . Consensus deadline Dec. 20 on whether or not there should be limitation on campaign expenditures and further regulation of fund-raising. New material, study guides and consensus questions to LL's in September. A bill passed by the House on campaign finances is awaiting action in the Senate. League supports this bill, which goes beyond our present consensus by regulating birthday dinners.

VOTERS SERVICE . . . September starts state-wide drive by LL's to register youth in the high schools. The Lt. Gov. will provide a registrar training program. In July 1971, DOE Supt. issued an administrative directive to all high school principals permitting Leaguers to implement this program in schools.

League 8-page Voter Guide will be distributed free to all voters in September. Publication costs are being covered by sales to County Councils, Lt. Gov's office, unions.

BOARD CHANGE . . . Mabel Keesling has had to resign from the State Board due to personal scheduling and commitments. Marie Moylan is assisting the president with the Field Service portfolio over the summer. Mrs. Joseph Moylan, 530 Paulele St., Kailua, 96734. (ph. 261-2147)

OFFICE MANAGER Ruth Snyder will take care of supplies, bulk mailing (min. 200 identical pieces), servicing of the office equipment, typing address labels, training members on the use of the mimeograph machine, some mimeographing.

*LL..Local League

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