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Just One Day of Your Life Please

October is the month for a new effort to raise money to meet our League budget of c3,000 for 1971-72. A finance drive to be a success calls for great membership participation, so when called or to give of your time please say "YES."

The drive will be made as simple as possible and should take only one day per member. Further details will be presented at a later date; however now is the time to set aside one day of your life. A great League program may be planned but without the funds to carry it out the effort is futile.

Additional help from each member is asked to develop new backers. If you know of someone who might be interested in supporting the League let me know, or better yet, ask him or her yourself.

Each member can be a spokesman for the League and their personal enthusiasm for what we are doing is the best advertisement the League can have.

Marian Wilkins

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