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Let's Talk League - Coffee
General Meeting - September 21st
To Train Ourselves
September Calendar
From Our President (Dee Lum)
Calendar 1971-72
18-Year-Old Vote: What it Means Here and across the Nation
Just One Day of Your Life Please (Marian Wilkins)
Attention: Members Interested in Observing the Planning Session
Attention: Members Interested in Planning
Membership Memo (Fran Burgess)
Charter Action (Fran Jackson)
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Hawaii State Board Reports
Grant Supports Two New Programs
From the Annual Report by Lucy Wilson Benson... (Lucy Wilson Benson)

"Let's Talk League" Coffee

Thursday, August 26th 9:30--11:30

AAUW Clubhouse -1802 Keeaumoku St.

Babysitting 50¢ a child

Bring A Friend and


Reservations: 262-7647 261-6973

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