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From Our President

State Convention Notations:

Thank you delegates to our State convention and thanks to the alternates.

It was a fine chance to meet our neighbor island sisters. And a wonderful time to say thank you to Ruth Snyder for her two years of fine service. We expect her to be back in full swing at the units, as well as in the office helping us all.

Our congratulations to Dorothy Bremner and her new Board! We pledge our support, and we will try to communicate at all levels.

Mrs. John Ahearn was the guest speaker. She explained the State role to the Local Leagues - Guiding in Voter Service, and aid in Programs. She explained her position as one of twenty National Board Directors who each do Field Service and who each carry a portfolio - hers is Foreign Policy. She even guaranteed that our letters of concern and problems were read and discussed! Mrs. Ahearn talked of the need for support on the welfare items and asked us all to keep writing our Congressman as an aid to the lobbying done on the National level by the people there. Mrs. Ahearn also mentioned the need to compromise on some positions, to support legislation that follows the League goals, though with not quite the stand the League might wish. And she spoke of the benefits of carefully chosen coalitions, for brief periods, to achieve goals.

Alice Scott and Dorothy Bremner thanked the League for allowing them the experience of attending the National Council in Washington this past May.

The workshops were superb. We have volumes of written tips for resource chairmen, thanks to Bev Carter and Carol Whitesell. We have dynamic State Voter Service leadership thanks to Trudi Zelko and her experienced Hawaii Isle workers.

There will be another convention before we know it - do hope many of you will be interested in attending either as a delegate, an alternate or a visitor.

For the Members:

Program is Your Business

Each of us is a member of a fine organization. We are involved in many issues and are working to achieve the goals we have decided, through our consensus process. This action may take many forms and the decision concerning the planning for this action is yours. We need your help locally with the action on our position statement for the Charter. Please offer your suggestions at your unit meetings, talk to the board members or call me.

Before we can take action we must have study and consensus.. It is up to each of us to decide what we want to study. During the year we have time set aside at unit meetings for the members to express their desires on local, state and national items. You are asked now to do some initial thinking on national subjects. In a fall VOTER a tear-off sheet will be provided to enable you to guide the national office. Please read the explanation and take this opportunity to have your say. It is the beginning of discussion on a study choice.

Are you aware that through the RCA company you can send, as an individual, a Public Opinion telegram to your Congressman. For $1.50 you may express your own opinion on issues. The cost includes 25 words, including your name and address. Not many words but enough to let your representative know what you are FOR or AGAINST.

Dee Lum

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